Concept in my artistic career

Beyond that, I approach the concept of surfaces as well as the duality of the materials: marble and bronze, to succeed in the coded memory of surfaces, transcription and the strength of symbols.

I think that it is certainly a particular iconographical remote heritage of which I know and conjugate the alphabet on the tips of my fingers, to extract matter from the traces of humanity.

As for the monumental sculpture, my approach is without concession: I pass from the image of the concept to the model.
Life-size construction is not an enlargement of a model, but another perception in the public space. It should have no relationship there in the writing. Therefore there is no way I can have it  enlarged by an expert

The concept of an enlargement should lead to another orientation, which can only be done by myself whatever the complexity, there is no intermediary or multiple research which would only impede the actual-size perceptions from the birth to the end of the work.

Martin Ankh