From matter to life and urban space

The concept of the square column, emergence of perpetual growth of the vertical element in germination, of a cultural sign, where the spine, registered on the pages, is the support of this verticality.

To ennoble an urban space, such is my approach in the perception of monumental sculpture where the first orientation is to make it spurt out of the ground on the Esplanade of the Belgian Pavilion of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, so that the total integration in the space appears in all its significance and force of expression.

To write these four large pages where the volume is registered, in a particular iconography of which I know and conjugate the alphabet on the tips of the fingers: memory of surfaces, transcription of a future and force of symbols, meeting between the hermetic universe and openings of the signs, humanization of the material where the sign will occupy the entire surface of these four pages, traces of man, of life and of coded memory.

To produce a close relationship between the work and the public in order to create the plastician emotion.
To leave a large door open to the part of the dream and to traces of humanity…

Martin Ankh